Minimalist kitchen design ensures that clutter is kept at bay, while remaining sleek, sophisticated and elegant. Find out how to transform your space with our expert tips and advice.

Opt for clean and sleek lines

“Possibly the most effective way in which to keep your kitchen minimalistic and contemporary in appearance is to consider clean and sleek lines. Keep this concept in mind while designing – having a handleless opening system will allow your kitchen to appear seamless. Consider pop-up plugs rather than wall-mounted ones to keep your work surfaces clear of clutter. Select appliances that are sleek in appearance. Perhaps opt for appliances that closely match the colour of your joinery or consider concealing them behind a pocket door system to maintain the streamlined minimalistic look.” – Samantha Sampson, Eurocasa architectural consultant


Incorporate neutral colour palettes

“One of the simplest ways to achieve a minimalist look in your kitchen is to go with a neutral colour palette, paired with natural materials and practical storage solutions. To achieve a minimalist kitchen design, the appearance should remain simple in terms of your colour selection but complete with luxurious stone, sleek appliances and elegant finishes. Minimalist kitchens often feature natural materials, like marble or engineered stone that closely resemble that of marble, offering subtle, uniquely rich textures paired to a limited colour palette to create the perfect visual balance.” – Samantha Sampson, Eurocasa architectural consultant


Have closed-off workspaces

“Having a workspace that you can close up after use has a huge benefit when entertaining. It keeps all the mess/clutter closed off to the eye. Often these areas are created by pocket doors. These areas can be breakfast nooks, mini bars, baking stations and even pantry areas.” – Bo Bylin, Spotlight Joinery managing director

Spotlight Joinery

Consider your appliances

“Consider the look of integrated appliances versus freestanding. This way you are able to apply a panel that is in tune with the joinery to the appliance to create a seamless look and feel.” – Bo Bylin, Spotlight Joinery managing director

Spotlight Joinery

Go for a bar experience

“The newest member of the Valcucine family, the Logica Celata, is the end product of brilliant research into reinventing ergonomics in a minimalistic way. It’s available in the Bar, Kitchen and Food Preparation models, each of which contains design components striving to meet specific user requirements. The bar stands out from the other Logica Celata configurations because it is an all-Italian tradition typical of the Italian way of life, touching conviviality and intimacy and the public and private spheres. The door opens to reveal Valcucine’s new home bar: practical, well-organised and complemented by all the equipment required for wine tasting, preparing cocktails or an excellent espresso.” – Mathilda Venter, Valcucine managing director


Use bold colour

“A minimalist kitchen doesn’t mean it can’t be packed with style, and also that it has to be white. Don’t be afraid to go bold by using a strong colour for the cabinetry. Keep the profile of the cupboards and countertops simple and uncluttered. Warm accents, such as a wooden floor and a feature countertop, will not only complete the look, but also add interest and contrast.” – Sandra Hijlkema, Red Rabbit Interiors owner

Red Rabbit Interiors

Stick to a limited colour scheme

“One way to achieve this look would be to pare down your chosen colour scheme, so look at matching your countertop colour to the shade of cabinetry as closely as possible and limit the number of different textures utilised in the design.” – Erin Braithwaite, FABRI project manager