It’s more than possible to make a style statement in a small bathroom. Discover creative ways to add interest.

Use the right sized tiles

“Small bathrooms often feel even smaller than they are due to the wrong use of tiles. We recommend using slabs for smaller bathrooms. It creates a seamless look and makes the space look and feel bigger. A light-coloured slab can completely change the feel of a space, especially if there is natural light. Larger-format tiles mean less grout lines and less break in the overall flow. A common mistake in small bathrooms is using small-format tiles and having too many contrasting colours. This ultimately makes the space feel more confined. Therefore larger tiles with more neutral tones can really make the space feel bigger.” – Joana Mendes, project coordinator at Ferreiras Tile + Bathroom

Ferreiras Tile + Bathroom

Incorporate self-lit mirrors

“A great way to make your bathroom space look and feel bigger is to use large self-lit mirrors. Mirrors create the illusion of space, therefore having a large mirror in the bathroom can make the space seem bigger. Large slim mirrors are the modern way of making a small space seem bigger. They are often used as a lovely feature in the bathroom. A self-lit mirror will also complement the use of large tiles, as it will make the bathroom look lighter and give the impression of more space.” – Joana Mendes, project co-ordinator at Ferreiras Tile + Bathroom

Ferreiras Tile + Bathroom

Use multiple light sources

“Using different light sources adds brightness to small rooms. For example, there are mirror lighting options that allow the user to choose between warm and cold light. The semi-transparent door also acts as a source of light.” – Karen Robyn, general manager at Duravit


Install your heated towel rail above the toilet or basin

Just because you’re working with a tiny bathroom doesn’t mean you need to cut out your most desired luxurious amenities. For example Bathroom Butler’s heated towel rails can install above your bath, next to your basin or above the toilet to better utilise space. In addition, heated towel rails are great for storing and drying your towels – guaranteed to impress your guest and add interest to your bathroom.” – Danielle Turton, digital marketing manager at Bathroom Butler

Bathroom Butler

Floating vanities

“Floating vanities offer a sleek look with clean lines. With the vanity lifted from the floor, a small bathroom looks more spacious by allowing more light to pass through the room. Not only does it look great and add a modern touch to your bathroom, but you are also not limited to one decorative style.” – Janine Marais, group manager of Richmond Plumbing & Sanware

Duravit vanity

Switch up your accessories

“Look at changing your accessories or taps in your smaller bathroom – going from chrome to matt black or brushed bronze (depending on the look you want to achieve) is an easy way to add a quick ‘facelift’ to a very plain bathroom. There are also other exciting colour options now available within the accessory ranges from rose gold to dark green.” – Nicole Russell, marketing manager of Italtile