Create the perfect cosy lounge for you and family to enjoy throughout the year.

Play with colour

The colour palette that you select will be based on your personal style and preferences, but according to Eva Garrigues and Claire Dagois, marketing and communication assistants at Roche Bobois South Africa, you should look out for palettes that comprise bold colours including navy, blue, dark green, deep red and burnt orange. “We have also noticed that natural and ‘feminine’ colours such as bronze, blush and light grey are also trending in 2019,” they add.

Roche Bobois

Dikla Benloulou Naidoo, director and interior designer at Slab Studio, reveals two colour trends that she loves: “Night watch, one of Pantone’s top 2019 paint colours, is basically a new take on rich hunter’s green that hasn’t looked so viable since its last time in the interior design spotlight in the ’90s. From muted to moody, this deep green colour trend can work to emulate the feeling of lush botanicals and the healing power of nature in your home while setting the tone with a strong foundational hue.”

Slab Studio

Nadioo also mentions pewter as a colour to consider. “The perfect grey-beige also known as ‘greige’ and a rich alternative to all-white walls, pewter paint colours provide an almost blank canvas that’s anything but bland. This is one colour trend not be underestimated.”

Slab Studio

It’s all about texture and layering

One of the best ways to create a cosy lounge is to have layers of texture. Hayley Tooch, director of StudioHA, recommends creating layers with different textures and fabrics. This could be achieved by using “a cosy throw and adding scatter cushions, which will make the lounge look cosier and inviting”.


Garrigues and Dagois also recommend “an unrestricted quantity of plaids, blankets and pillows”. They explain: “Using these accessories will immediately make a lounge comfier for the residents of the home and also for the guests who come to visit.”

Tips for getting the ultimate cosy lounge

According to Naidoo, these are three things that you should do to help you create the perfect cosy lounge:

– Use existing features such as a fireplace or window as organising tools or starting points. This will create a sense of order and calm.

– Pull your furniture away from the walls, it will improve the flow of light and space, making it more inviting.

– A large rug will further anchor the main seating area and provide the opportunity to introduce texture and colour into the room. It works best to place the furniture either fully or partially on the rug rather than around it.

Slab Studio

Personalise the space

A lounge needs to be inviting and cosy and one of the best ways to achieve this is to add personalised touches. “Coffee table books, family photos and art are always great ways to personalise a space and make it more welcoming,” explains Tooch.

“I think the most important element in creating a beautiful lounge and space that feels warm and welcoming is to surround yourself with things that you love – be it cushions, art pieces, accessories or your favourite throw. When you create a space with things you love, it will reflect who you are as a person and will create a welcoming and inviting space for you, your family and your friends,” concludes Tooch.