After a long, cold winter, it’s finally time to organise your home for the warmer, summer months. Fitting solutions experts Blum shares four simple steps to start your spring cleaning.

Choose a room (or a smaller area to begin with) and take everything out. Clear off countertops and empty the drawers. This way you can see exactly what you have to sort through.

Bedroom drawer:
Organise and display your clothes beautifully with AMBIA-LINE frames.
You can find your favourites in a flash! Image © Copyright by Blum

Group similar items together. You will then see what you have in excess and identify those things that can be reduced.

Craft station:
Sort out all your craft materials into neat compartments so you find even the smallest item easily. AMBIA-LINE drawer organisers work wonders! Image © Copyright by Blum

Sort through the piles. Decide which items you’re keeping and those which need to go out. Remember to donate any unwanted, pre-loved items. De-cluttering will make space for something new!

Baby station:
There is no need to fumble around in an untidy drawer when it’s baby changing time! AMBIA-LINE provides organisation to arrange all baby items so everything can be seen at first glance and can be accessed quickly with ease. Image © Copyright by Blum

Now it’s time to put it all back and get organised! It’s much easier to store your items with organising systems such as dividers and drawer organisers. You will be able to see everything at first glance when it’s all in its own place. You won’t have to dig through to find what you need either.

Bathroom drawer:
Organised drawers offer more accessible storage space than shelved cabinets.
Toiletries and cosmetics can be stored neatly with AMBIA-LINE. Image © Copyright by Blum

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