Your living room is the central space for friends and family to gather in your home. It therefore needs to be a well-designed and inviting space. Here are a selection of living rooms that really impressed the team at SA Home Owner with their unique design features and top quality craftsmanship.

Leading light

The large formal lounge is where the extended family (including loads of aunts, uncles and cousins) gather for holidays and other special moments. “It’s a very user-friendly house, the kind of home where every corner has a use – and that makes it very homely and inviting, in spite of its size,” the owner says.

Image: Chris Allan

Heart and home

The epicentre of this stunning home is the entire ground floor. The open-plan area incorporates everything from the kitchen to the bar area, lounge, dining room and TV room. No matter where you are, you are always included in the family activities. Beautiful fireplaces create a sense of warmth and homeliness.

Image: Nic Baleta

A dash of pizzazz

OLALA Interiors was briefed to create a contemporary, comfortable holiday home for the family. This entailed a turnkey service; OLALA Interiors supplied everything from beds and linen to crockery, cutlery, rugs, furniture, décor and window treatments. The company chose soft, luxurious fabrics and vibrant wallpapers complemented by natural wood, beautiful rugs and accessories.

Image: Chris Baker

Cool, calm and collected

Walking into this four-bedroom home in the middle of a lush golf estate to the east of Johannesburg, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d been magically transported to an island getaway – with views of the sea replaced by an ocean of green fairway. This serenity – thanks to uninterrupted views due to clever design with foldable stacking doors leading out of almost every room. The mix of wood within the home and out – dark and light, raw and treated – adds warmth and interest, as does the inclusion of tactile fabrics in rich jewel tones.

Image: Nic Baleta

Ambient living

This modern home is vibrant in palette. “We aren’t afraid of colour,” says the owner. Bespoke designer sofas displaying bright shades of turquoise, purple and deep red add a lively feel. Roche Bobois supplied the colourful Mah Jong sofas in Missoni home fabrics and Profile sofa in cabaret velvet. This is combined with the elegant wenge stained beechwood legs, giving these products the ultimate luxurious feel.

Image: Keith Quixley

Rooms with a view

Views over fairways, lakes and forests make this home a golf lover’s delight. And the most special feature of the home is not the stylish fittings or elegant finishes; but rather the way it brings together the interests of every family member. This hasn’t come about by accident – it was one of the biggest considerations during the design stage. “We wanted everyone to have their own space,” says the home owner.

Image: Chris Allan

Sensational stand-out

In an estate characterised by urban-style apartment living, this home – with splashes of blue and green from the garden and pool – inevitably draws the eye. One of the most notable features of this home is the effortless melding between indoors and outdoors. This was a special request from the home owners, who wanted to optimise the site’s glorious views, stretching from the valley to the ocean. The brief was executed by CA Architects who brought life to the owners’ vision through the use of an earth-toned colour palette, enhanced with cladding and wood accents, to create a cool, comfortable and contemporary home.

Image: Stephen Rowley

A spacious sanctuary

The home’s interior was carefully curated with an eye to creating a buffering cocoon. The owner says that because of her busy lifestyle, she wanted a house that whispers quietly to the senses, rather than “jumping out at you”. Simple materials like raw wood and concrete help to foster a quiet mood, while contributing to the overall modern industrial look. This is complemented by a darker palette featuring several dashes of black. Clean lines add to the contemporary aesthetic, while those wooden accents create an irresistible tactility, especially when viewed in combination with other textural elements, like the interior cladded walls.

Image: Nic Baleta