Some kitchens are born to stand out from the crowd. Here are a selection of kitchens that really impressed the team at SA Home Owner with their unique design features and top quality craftsmanship.

1. Statement ceiling

The spacious kitchen, with its large island and sizeable scullery, extends an invitation for the home owner to experiment with cooking, while the open flow of the house creates a practical environment for a working mother to spend time with her children. It’s also a comfortable and conducive space for the home owner to work from home while enjoying proximity to the estate’s beautiful golf course.

Image: Chris Allan Photography

2. French connection

Although the French décor does lend itself to chic, all-white interiors, colour has been added to bridge the gap between old and new. Different fabrics for curtains and upholstery were used to create an authentic and eclectic look and feel. Antique golds play a prominent role in all the window hardware and wallpaper has been used throughout the home, bringing the right blend of trendy and classic to all the spaces. With a lavish cooker and hood, the kitchen is a sumptuous and opulent masterpiece.

Image: Nic Baleta

3. Black and white

The home owners’ favourite room in this breathtaking home is the classic black and white kitchen, where the spaciousness is an invitation to get creative behind the stove.

Image: Chris Allan Photography

4. Heart and home

In order to merge a farm-style aesthetic home with clean contemporary spaces a mixture of volume, light, glass, steel and Rhinowood was used in this home. The open plan and and modern kitchen allows the home owner to cook and bake while still being part of the family.

Image: Nic Baleta

5. Easy flow

The kitchen, which melds effortlessly into the lounge and living area, is a highlight in this home. This is where the family spend most of their downtime, and where guests are instantly made to feel at home.

Image: Stephen Rowley

6. Trendy and modern

The style in this home is modern/classic with some French influence, throwing in a touch of inspiration from Mauritius to spice things up. Natural oak, engineered stone and bespoke sprayed doors in this contemporary kitchen.

Image: Keith Quixley

7. Modern romance

With a brief supplied by the home owner to create a formal, classic kitchen in an angular space that would still be functional in an open-plan setting, the kitchen designers opted for a combination of rich neutrals and bold colours with timber finishes to exude warmth and elegance in keeping with the rest of the home.

Image: Nic Baleta

8. Modern marvel

This home is a modern marvel – perfectly suited to this family. The clean lines of the architecture are softened by an assortment of natural materials. The kitchen is a standout feature in its own right – all the luxuries of the modern world enhanced by an elegant design makes this space a dream. Natural light floods the space due to the openness of the design, while pendent lights are used to highlight the island counter in the centre of the kitchen.

Image: Stephen Rowley