One of the best things about winter is the unapologetic decadence of the many stews we indulge in. We need some reward for enduring the icy winds, and a little extra padding can’t hurt either.


Harvest your cauliflower with care, handling the head gently because it’s quite prone to bruising even though it feels compact and firm. If you’re not planning to eat your cauliflower immediately, harvesting it by cutting it off the main stem with a few outer leaves still around it will prolong its overall quality until you’re ready to feast.


Before harvesting your cabbage you should decide if you want them to re-grow next season or not. Leave the roots in the ground if you do and pull the whole plant out if you don’t. Harvest your cabbage when they feel solid or firm all the way through, but make sure you do it before they crack or split open.


As long as you’ve got rosemary growing, you can harvest it by stripping needles off the stem while it’s still on the plant and then chopping them up. A really neat trick for off-season times is to dry and then freeze your rosemary sprigs. Anytime you need some, just pull out a whole sprig, slide your finger down the stem, taking off as many needles as you need, and then pop the rest back in the freezer. How handy!

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