Summer is finally here! Yippee! And we have just had a warning of a possible heat wave this weekend; so to me that means one thing – ice pop time.

These ice pops are deliciously creamy, fruity and sweet. Fresh strawberries are a must for this recipe, and are abundant at this time of the year too. They are ridiculously simple to make, with only two ingredients. Yip, you heard me correctly. If you are looking for a healthier version, then check out my mango lassi ice pops here.


1kg fresh strawberries or any fresh berries

1 tin condensed milk


1 Blend the berries in a food processor until broken down.

2 Add ⅓ cup of water to thin it down a little.

3 Add the condensed milk.

4 Mix well.

5 Pour into ice pop moulds and place a wooden stick into each mould.

6 Freeze

7. To unmould, dip into boiling water for five seconds and pull the stick.

8 Eat!