Whether you’re short on space or would just like to cut down on clutter and simplify, there’s a multifunctional piece of furniture to suit almost every room in your home.

For the living room

“Wardrobe trunks and drinks cabinets on wheels offer essential storage and on-trend style with detailed handles and trims – and you can move these around where and when needed.” – Karin Cawthorne, KARE


“Instead of a traditional wall unit, try a floating unit which doesn’t take up any floor space. A plasma unit with additional draws are a great idea to leverage storage.” – Vicky Dockray, LaForma SA

LaForma SA

“Multifunctional coffee table with hidden storage, great to put away clutter like magazines, throws and remote controls.” – Alon Sachs, Mobelli Furniture + Living

Mobelli Furniture + Living

“A favourite is an open-sided bookcase or storage that will allow you to segment one room into two so that you can maximise on space. Plus, bookshelves aren’t just for books – add some décor to really make the most of this functional piece.” – Yulande Roxburgh, Vox Furniture SA

Vox Furniture SA

For the bedroom

“Ottomans and footstools are a smart way of introducing a combination of both seating and storage. Lift-off seat cushions in plush deep buttoned upholstery present storage inside for throws and magazines, for example, and are a neat way of making these pieces work hard in a small space.” – Karin Cawthorne, KARE


“Beds with storage drawers built into the base are perfect to store your bed linen or your seasonal clothes.” – Lize Viljoen, @home


“A dresser or a cupboard is always nice to have for storage and it acts as a key piece of furniture in a room. Just add a stunning mirror and you’re good to go.” – Yulande Roxburgh, Vox Furniture SA

Vox Furniture SA