By Refilwe Boikanyo, Project Consultant Lorna Ioakim, Property Coordinator Chantel Spence, Photography Irma Bosch

While rooftop gardens are usually created to accommodate small spaces that have a lack of access to nature, this chic contemporary home features both a large grassy yard and an elevated garden with a view. Situated in a traditional leafy suburb in Sandton, “it’s probably one of the few houses with a roof garden,” the owner says.

From the outset, the rooftop garden, lots of space in each room and using new building techniques were the three major items on the owner’s list of requirements. With a clear vision of what the home should look like, the owner designed the floor plan, with the architect handling the approval of the drawings for the municipality. The result is a spacious and efficient contemporary home constructed using new sustainable materials and technologies.

For the interior, the home has an open-plan layout. On the ground floor there is a fully equipped gourmet kitchen that is great for entertaining, a living room and guest suite. The upper floor comprises a chill area with a pool table and study, four bedrooms with en suite bathrooms and built-in desks/workstations, and a lounge area. White walls, stainless-steel appliances and clean, slick lines give the home a streamlined look, while natural materials such as wood and stone supply a sense of earthiness.

The home owner explains that the base for the design, colours and furniture is a “mix between vacation house and the Hamptons”. Consequently, the house has a beach-house feel, despite being landlocked. This is seen in subtle details such as the woven, textured-looking gate that welcomes you onto the property, the muted nautical stripes on the upholstery, different shades of blue on the furnishings, the abundance of air and light that stream through the entire home, as well as the greenery and water features.

There is a pool area in the beautifully manicured yard, and a koi pond on the rooftop garden, giving the residents their own slice of nirvana at home.

With the pleasure of two good gardens, this home is an example of suburban outdoor living at its finest.