Pop into any store that sells flowers and other potted plants and you’ll soon become besotted with the different types of succulents on display. Gaining popularity at a rapid pace, these durable and cute-looking shrubs are a great pick for both indoors or out.

But if you’re prone to killing even the sturdiest of plants, there are some key tips for keeping succulents happy. First off, succulents survive best in breathable soil. So, if a pot is low and wide with holes underneath, the succulent will already have a better chance of making it through the season.

Shape, not colour

And sometimes, it’s less about where you put the succulent than about buying the right type of succulent for the location. If you’re in a flat, for example, succulents with bright-green leaves (as opposed to blue, grey or purple) will do a bit better. Simply put, succulents in the orange or purple colour family are just better suited to gardens.

Love and leave

An ideal pick for an indoor houseplant is the pencil cactus, which requires sunshine and not much else. String of pearls, which looks just like its name, likes bright, indirect light – but also to be left alone.

Succulents aren’t fussy; most require water only when the soil is dry to the touch. (The trick is to water through, let them drain and dry out, and only then water again.) They also adore natural light, so placing them next to a window or on a windowsill will work wonders.

Lastly, glass terrariums are becoming increasingly popular, but they’re not necessarily the best environment for your new succulent farm. While glass looks great, it doesn’t offer adequate drainage (soggy soil is always a no-no), and can lead to bugs and deadly diseases. So unless you’re setting up a terrarium with lots of rocks and plenty of breathing room, rather pick a practical pot, one of those with holes in the bottom, and you’ll be able to give your new succulents a longer life expectancy.