By Rami Moorosi

Having enough shaded areas is an important part of a summer garden. This can range from a covered patio, shady trees, gazebo, outside lapa, or even a large umbrella. Don’t forget to adorn this area with attractive, comfortable furniture from which you can admire your garden.

When it comes to creating focal points, Debbi Rebelo of Plantscapes Landscaping says: “The summer garden should have areas that attract the eye such as flowers, interesting pots or maybe a water feature.” Planting flowers such as lavender, honeysuckle and jasmine produce a lovely fragrance to enhance the ambience, as well as attract birds, bees and butterflies to the garden. Susan Perry of The Modern Garden Company goes on to add: “Colour, shape and texture can all be used to create focal points.”

Water is a another great inclusion in any summer garden. Water features create a relaxed and soothing atmosphere that can also double up as a focal feature. Nothing epitomises summer like a lush green lawn, so take good care of it. Ensure enough watering, mowing and proper feeding. Solar lights are great if you don’t want to dig up your garden for wiring; garden oil lamps and lanterns are another good idea for adding ambience.

The Modern Garden Company, for example, offers another funky alternative – look out for the new “multi-functional” light-up furniture and pots that will add that “wow” factor in any garden or patio.

As always when in doubt talk to experts from you local nursery or supplier to make the most of your garden – and most importantly, go out and enjoy!