Le Creuset Soleil Salad Bowl

Le Creuset Soleil Ramekins

Le Creuset Soleil Round Casserole

Le Creuset Soleil Citrus Juicer

We’re excited to bring you Le Creuset’s brand new Sunny Soleil product range.

Inspired by the spirit of sun-filled late afternoon gatherings in the southeastern French countryside, Soleil’s radiant range of yellows arcs from soft butter to bright citrus.

Bring the warmth and radiance of the sun into your kitchen and onto your table. The perfect addition to any collection, Soleil is guaranteed for life, and guaranteed to brighten your every meal.

Included in the range:

Cappucino Mug (R82 – R89)
Citrus Juicer (R250)
Ramekins (set of 2 large Ramekins – R170)
Casserole (R1 670 – 22cm /R2 200 – 26cm)
Pie Dish (R88 – 11cm/R270 – 26cm)

… and lots more!