If you haven’t succeeded with houseplants, succulents may be a great way to bring greenery indoors. Here are five succulents that are easy to grow all year around.

Succulents are hot on the radar. Water-wise qualities aside, these fleshy specimens have the architectural clout to make a graphic statement in the garden. Plus they’re a great way to add botanical interest to your home.

“In addition to adding colour and interest to any space, succulents grow in almost any soil condition, and generally need very little space. A good dose of sunlight is almost always a must,” says Chris Williams of Catscapes Landscapes.

Ylanite Koppens

In the flesh

According to Craig de Necker, managing director of The Friendly Plant, “Succulents are suited to very dry climates, and as such they do not require much in the way of watering. Their fleshy leaves don’t fall with the change of seasons; old leaves generally stay attached to the plant as they age and dry off.”

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Zebra plant (Haworthia attenuata)

This Southern African native boasts fleshy green leaves covered with white “zebra-like” bands. Plant in sandy soil and place in a sunny spot. Avoid overwatering but don’t let them dry out.


Also consider: Haworthia glabrata

Jelly bean plant/Pork and beans (Sedum rubrotinctum)

A colourful, woody stemmed succulent with bright green leaves. Tips turn a deep red when placed in full sun.

Andreas Munich Sedum rubrotinctum

Also consider: Sedum pachyphytum

Jade plant (Crassula ovata)

This hardy medium-sized shrub has two basic requirements to flourish: water and plenty of sunlight. When given some TLC, it will reward you with tiny white or pink flowers.

Pixabay Crassula ovata
Sandid Crassula ovata

Also consider: Campfire Crassula (Crassula capitella)


If you’re looking for a water-wise yet architectural specimen, look no further than the Echeveria. These evergreen rosette-like plants are easy to grow and produce “offspring” in abundance.

Pixabay Echeveria

Also consider: Echeveria “Raindrops”

Porkbush/Spekboom (Portulacaria afra)

An attractive evergreen succulent featuring small round emerald-green leaves, borne on startling red stems. This carbon-absorbing succulent will thrive indoors if placed in a warm room with bright light.

Hans Braxmeier Portulacaria afra