Window security shutters have visual appeal and provide a high level of protection for your home. Here are some more reasons why they are a sound investment.

Quality material

“Sunflex Aluminium Shutters fulfil the requirements of your home’s functional and decorative needs; creating open spaces when stacked and a clean, cosy and secure feeling when closed. Adjustable, reinforced louvres give the ability to control natural light and address security without the need for unsightly burglar bars or steel security gates. Sunflex Aluminium Shutters are made from the highest-quality, high-wearing material available, ensuring they will outlast the rest.” – Glenn Meyers, Shutters Division – Sunflex SA

Sunflex SA

Aesthetic appeal

“Security shutters add curbside appeal to a home. Burglar bars can have the opposite effect. They give the impression of a crime-ridden neighbourhood and could put potential buyers off as much as they do potential burglars. Shutters, on the other hand, are considered the ultimate window treatment, often found on the glossy pages of inspirational interior décor magazines. The aspirational effect of shutters can increase the resale value of a home. – Olivia Colville, marketing coordinator, House of Supreme

House of Supreme

Window treatments

“Aside from protecting your home, security shutters double as window treatments. You can still control light and airflow by adjusting the louvres, which removes the need for adding blinds or curtains to your windows. And shutters offer you something other security barriers can’t – privacy. Closing the louvres keeps out prying eyes – whether they belong to your nosey neighbours or an opportunistic burglar.” – Olivia Colville, marketing coordinator, House of Supreme

House of Supreme


“Louvre security shutters fit perfectly into the pared-down lifestyle we’re embracing under serial COVID-19 lockdowns. They replace fussy curtains, blinds and burglar proofing in one tasteful, cost-effective product with calming symmetry. They are low-maintenance, needing only a quick wipe-down when dirty or dusty. And you can control privacy levels, light penetration and airflow by simply tilting the louvres by hand.” – Peter Rawson, marketing and sales director, Trellidor


Unique security features

“Taylor’s ShutterGuard® Aluminium Security Shutters are a savvy, sophisticated, and secure solution for windows or doors – offering high-end security without compromising the aesthetics of your home, commercial or retail space. By merging the style of aluminium security shutters with our patented Gear-Lock system and louvre lock pin which locks the louvres, these shutters are virtually impenetrable and a sound investment for your future.” – Anthony Mederer, managing director, Taylor Blinds & Shutters

Taylor Blinds & Shutters

Added atmosphere

“The adjustable shutters can create many atmospheres depending on your mood. At night a romantic cosy setting can be created with the shutters fully closed or a spacious open feel can be achieved with the shutters partially closed during the day.” – Briggie Kirchmann, marketing director, Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters

Improved resale value

“In addition to the fact that shutters look fantastic on windows and doors of any size and shape, shutters help to boost property value when reselling. Having shutters installed adds a beautiful, personalised touch to your home that will last a lifetime.” – Chandre Spocter, sales representative, Alplas Shutters & Louvres

Alplas Shutters & Louvres