By Trisha Harinath, Project Consultant Catherine de Vincenzo, Property Coordinator Judy Fogarty, Photography Chris Allen

Situated on a high slope overlooking the estate, and with sightings of a variety of game, as well as beautiful sea views, this home offers a natural serenity that is generally hard to come by.

Although it took a total of five years to complete, the first three years saw the owner sketching over 14 plans, before “divine intervention” saw him completing the design in a day. The residence is a timeless contemporary design consisting of floating or suspended surfaces, such as the freestanding staircase that connects the three storeys – without being supported by the adjacent walls. The entrance to the house is over a reflection pond, with floating slabs that lead into a triple-volume entrance hall. At the base, a five-metre palm tree growing in an indoor garden makes for a striking focal point from anywhere in the home.

Throughout the property, the marriage of indoors and outside is clearly evident, with the massive windows bringing the outdoors in and offering magnificent views from every room in the home.

The best part about creating the home, the owner says, was “the transition from dream to prayer to design, and then to owner-build the house – seeing the dream becoming a reality”.