November 2008

Paradise found

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What immediately appealed to the owners of this house was that the features on offer read like a check-list for paradise.

Classic contemporary charm
10 years ago

Classic contemporary charm

By  •  Classic

This charming suburban home, complete with contemporary and classic features throughout, rings so true to the refined lifestyle favoured by many young professionals resident in the city of Cape Town.

Tune in

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With the introduction of HDTV (High Definition Television), we are faced with the new craze of upgrading our old TV screens to the new sleek, chic and elegant flat screens.

Every drop counts

By  •  Bathrooms

According to Rand Water, a simple toilet leak can waste 200 litres of water per day.

Golfing glory

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Situated a mere 5km from Umhlanga, the estate where this home is situated is close enough to main amenities yet far enough to simply escape from it all.

Vivid Living

By  •  Themed

The home owner, who studied design, followed the British trend of flower fabrics and antique collections, which complement the style of the abode, and enhance the magnetic appeal of the structure itself.

High Fashion

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A trendy yet fully functional bathroom.

Summer lounging

Wooden furniture, particularly teak, will always be fashionable

Minimalist beauty

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At this discerning home, where less is more in every sense of the word, the dynamics of the architecture are emphasised because there is little interference with simplistic lines and clean geometric scales.

The Northgate lifestyle

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Northgate is becoming a destination of choice for Capetonians who are renovating, building and decorating their homes and offices.

Take it outside

Outdoor kitchens and grills have transformed our once-humble braais into an al fresco gourmet masterpiece.

Naturally pleasing

Those who don’t like creepy-crawlies can make use of natural insecticides.

Heartbeat of the Caribbean

With its unparalleled beauty and year-round vacation opportunities, Jamaica is an ideal tourist destination – with over one million visitors flocking to the island every year.

Exceptional exteriors

Many say that first impressions last and since the exterior of your home is the first place people see, now is the perfect time to give this often neglected area a makeover.

Burning issue: owning a piece of the pie
13 years ago

Burning issue: owning a piece of the pie

Some fractional title agencies even offer potential clients the opportunity to spend a free weekend at the destination as a test drive before making a final decision to purchase.

SA Home Owner

SA Home Owner