October 2008

Piece of heaven

By  •  Themed

This home’s dynamic layout ensures a flowing interior, where each room seamlessly blends with the next without sacrificing its own unique identity.

When beauty meets functionality

By  •  Kitchens

This kitchen by Blu-line Living forms part of the company’s elegant Breeze collection. The design of the space is a great example of a contemporary living space that has been created with both aesthetics and functionality in mind.

Of grand proportions

By  •  Modern

Located on a secure estate, this home in all its grandeur emits a warm and welcoming ambience which perfectly resembles the characteristics of its owners.

Discerning dynamics

By  •  Modern

Situated in the exclusive High Constantia Estate, and bordering the historic Groot Constantia Estate to the north, this exclusive area boasts roots and vineyards dating as far back as the mid-sixteen hundreds.

Bathroom revamp

By  •  Bathrooms

A renaissance has long been in progress, transforming bathrooms from functional and minimalistic to luxurious and comfortable.

Idyllically Italian

By  •  Classic

With the help of Richlands Realty, a residential property specialist operating on the estate, the owners’ dream of living in Italian luxury became a reality as their picture-perfect home was designed and built.

The lake house

By  •  Themed, Modern

This stunning home also boasts its own indigenous garden which is low maintenance and perfectly complementary to the natural surroundings.

Modern regeneration

By  •  Bathrooms

The uber-chic fittings and finishes follow the consistency of the house – modern and contemporary “clear-cut lines” with soothing lighting throughout – thus creating a sparkling, clutter-free, open room that is becoming more and more a room for retreat and privacy, and not just for hygienic functioning.

Kitchen dining

By  •  Kitchens

It is this evolution of the culinary space that has contributed to growing the popularity of the concept of the “breakfast nook”.

The green thumbs up

By  •  Landscaping

It is important for your garden to always remain immaculate, so that you may fully enjoy the benefits of outdoor living.

Geared up

Far exceeding expectations, the speed of new inventions often leaves one pondering where it will end and how far we can go.

Coffee break
10 years ago

Coffee break

It was in Arabia that coffee beans were first roasted and brewed.

SA Home Owner

SA Home Owner