By Refilwe Boikanyo, Project Consultant Lorna Ioakim, Property Coordinator Chantel Spence, Photography Irma Bosch

When designing this home, the owner wanted a compact and efficient luxury space that could accommodate her family’s needs. Since she lives with teenage sons who divide their time between home and university, she has created a home that provides all of them with private spaces of their own, and gathering areas where they can connect as a family.

“We decided to create a home with two distinctly separate bedroom wings, one for my sons where they could be independent, and the other for me, with its own privacy. The family comes together in large, central open spaces focused around the kitchen, dining and living room. All of these spaces connect fluidly with the ‘outside areas’.”

Characterised by an architectural layout, with central access down the middle, each bedroom wing can be accessed from separate staircases coming off the entrance hall. There is a guest suite on the ground floor, four garages, a formal study, a study space, a large open-plan living/dining area and a large kitchen with a breakfast nook.

Aesthetically, the home is modern with chic, yet subtle, French and Italian influences. The owner says she chose to go this route after going on a trip to Italy. It made her appreciate the timeless beauty that Italian and French design exudes.

“The decor was done by me,” she explains. “I took the structure, daylight, feel and atmosphere into account with every room, to fit my needs, practical and functional. Natural light and lots of glass were important factors.”

The owner also paired light colours with warm wood, and has thoughtfully placed furnishings, decor pieces and artworks in striking colours and prints to create interest and design balance.

“A home should be a reflection of the preferences and style of those who live in it,” she says. “Careful consideration is required before starting the building process. Listen to your needs and separate them from your wants,” she advises. “Do what you feel is right for you, not what you think others will like. Right-size your home for your life; ensure that you have a thorough brief for the home and make changes in the design phase – it’s much cheaper than making changes while building.”