Terracotta, as both a colour and material, has been trending back into the design world, and Italtile is excited about the arrival of its latest Cotto Romano tile range.

Terracotta was traditionally a natural material used in a wide range of applications throughout history, including pottery and architecture. It was made from fired red-brown clay, resulting in a striking tone that’s warm and natural.

Natural terracotta is very porous and can absorb liquid quickly, so it won’t last as long if it’s not sealed. It may even crack or deteriorate if unsealed. It requires some extra maintenance and can be easily damaged. With Italtile’s modern printing technology and expertise, its local Gryphon factory has manufactured its Cotto Romano terracotta tile range to have all the aesthetic luxuries of natural terracotta with the benefits of a tile. These are durability, hard wearing and easy to clean. They’re also cost-effective – they’re realistic looking but without the price tag of authentic terracotta.

The richness of the colour of the Cotto Romano range can give warmth to the look and feel of a room. Most often one sees terracotta tiles used either in kitchens or in central courtyards and outdoor spaces to give them a more charming look. But you can take these gorgeous tiles into the bedroom as well, to truly turn it into a comfy, relaxing and charming sanctuary.

Cotto Romano tiles are designed for a grout gap of 3mm, so customers will experience an almost seamless surface. The range has six faces – more than enough to offer an authentic terracotta look with minimal repetition of pattern.

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