It’s been around for ages, yet for the past 50 years we haven’t given it much praise. Thankfully, though, this wonderfully versatile finish is very much at the forefront of today’s interior trends.

Terrazzo was invented in Italy some 500 years ago. Original terrazzo consisted of leftover marble chips that were set in clay and ground down to provide a smooth and even walking surface. Fast-forward to modern day and this method still exists albeit with more durable materials such as cement and resin.

Terrazzo is not limited to floors – furniture designers such as South African company Douglas & Douglas have cleverly incorporated vibrant terrazzo into their latest collections. The art of fabricating terrazzo is also proving popular with studios such as Olivia Aspinall, which specialises in creating modern, hand-crafted surfaces in bold, primary colours and patterns.

Aside from terrazzo in its natural form, this distinctive product has become a visual inspiration for other interior-related products such as fabric and wallpaper. Interior store Ferm Living is a great place to start if you like the idea of introducing touches of terrazzo to your home without the commitment of laying a floor – by installing one of their striking terrazzo wallpapers. I’m a huge fan of terrazzo both in its original format and in the latest interpretations to hit the market.

Best wishes,

Jess from Hector and Bailey