By Tamsin Oxford

Aaaaah, the bathroom. A space where soft scents linger and the stresses of the day are soaked away in silky waters and massage-powered showers. There’s no need to have a bathroom that toes the traditional line. Why have the ordinary when you can enjoy the extraordinary? If ever there was a time to add gold swans, recliners and chandeliers to your bathroom, that time is now. What better way to start 2018…

So, how can you take your bathroom from banal to blissful? Here are 10 simple steps…

  1. Not on a budget? Deena Kalmonowitz, owner of Dee@SP Interiors, advises using heated tiles that lead you towards a freestanding bathtub in the centre of the room. Enhance the positioning of the tub and the mood with a crystal chandelier and open views of your garden.
  2. Palesa Ramaisa, Dulux colour consultant, recommends using reed diffusers in a scent that speaks to you. It’s a huge trend right now and not only smells delicious, but looks stunning.
  3. Not in the mood for builders and mess? Upgrade your existing bathroom with simple touches like changing doorknobs, installing mirrors and lights, or adding fresh cut flowers.
  4. Liza Watermeyer, visual display manager at Tile Africa, believes that installing his and hers basins is a must, as is investing in a rainfall shower. “If your budget doesn’t allow you to lead your bathroom onto a private garden, which is the ultimate in bathroom luxe, consider adding as many plants as you can,” she adds.
  5. Emphasise the luxuriousness of your bathroom by putting in soft carpets and sculptures. Elma Coetzee, a freelance bathroom consultant at Elma C Bathroom Solutions, suggests: “Soft luxurious bathmats, towels, robes, art pieces and pictures can be added for a decadent touch. Find ways of hiding your bathroom’s shortcomings and use mirrors and lighting to create the illusion of space.”
  6. Coetzee also says a definitive no to adding in a television. Instead, put in a designer chair or ottoman along with a champagne tray, a wine fridge and LED lights that can change colour to suit your mood.
  7. Andrew Taylor, CEO of Bathroom Butler, suggests adding a heated towel rail that can be adjusted to the temperature you like. These have the added advantage of keeping towels dry and fresh for your next indulgent soak.
  8. Bathrooms that don’t have access to lots of natural light or views should consider using nature-inspired designs throughout. Candles, towels and fabrics covered that capture the essence of nature, such as the Ants candle range from Love Milo or the AXOR Massaud collection, are ideal.
  9. Kalmonowitz suggests using clever storage options such as a floating vanity to add spaciousness to the room, and to do away with bright colours. Instead focus on a soft and subtle palette that soothes the eye and adds dimension.
  10. Another trend is to use contrasting materials and finishes in their natural state. Ramaisa recommends blending paint, wood, marble and even concrete to create a bathroom that leaves you feeling as if you are at a luxurious spa.

Images: Dulux