Finding the big furniture pieces, such as a sofa or coffee table, for your home is simple: it’s all about knowing exactly what you need, the style you desire and the budget you have. However, for objets or smaller items, it’s often more challenging. To inspire your next purchase, we’ve rounded up a couple of small décor pieces with a styling tip on how to display that treasured piece:

Bowl’d over

Item: Ghost Bowl from Chaumette

Conceptualised by Chaumette and crafted by ceramicist Colin Braye.

Style tip: “A feature bowl on a sideboard, coffee or dining table always makes the right kind of statement. Bowls can be both visual and functional which makes them the perfect addition to your interior. Proportion is key here, so a generous-sized bowl looks better on a sizeable piece of furniture. Our Ghost Bowl ticks the box with its curvaceous lines and abundant proportions. If a bowl is too small for the spot you’ve identified for it, then partner it with other items or place it on top of a stack of books to increase the whole scale of the display. A unique handmade bowl has much more to offer than a mass-produced one and injects some character into a space.” – Jean-Pierre de la Chaumette of Chaumette

Ghost Bowl from Chaumette

It’s a family affair

Item: The Lid Family from Créma Design

Designed for Tom Dixon.

Style tip: “These items are great as they can work in a home office, a bathroom or a bedroom. Highly versatile with multiple stacking options, the coloured glass, white marble and copper finish create a simply stunning effect when placed in direct light. The Lid Family makes for a playful construction to house just about any littles, as they are able to interchange, stack and nest like a modernist sculpture.” – Daniel Boraine of Créma Design

The Lid Family from Créma Design

No Monkey’ng around

Item: The Monkey Lamp from Generation

Designed by Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba for Seletti.

Style tip: “This absolutely charming and delightful lighting design by Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba for Italian brand Seletti is the perfect example of Seletti’s quest for creating functional art pieces. The monkey range works well as a surprise element in more austere spaces and is available in various positions to create different, functional lighting solutions. With a structure cast in resin, the lamps are available in both an outdoor as well as indoor finish, making it both versatile and functional.” – Duncan Kriek of Generation

The Monkey Lamp from Generation

Just hanging

Item: Hanging Flower Pot from Esque

Designed by Monica Förster for Skultuna.

Style tip: “This gorgeous Hanging Flower Pot from Skultuna can work in any décor setting. It can be used to dress up a minimalist space or add to an already dazzling interior. Keep it simple and place a luscious green fern in it – this is all the styling that’s required. It can be placed near a window in your bedroom, bathroom or living area … just about anywhere where a pop of green is needed.” – Hazel Meyer of Esque

Hanging Flower Pot from Esque

Ceramic matters

Item: The Big Bang collection from @home

Designed by Rialheim for @home.

Style tip: “Try something less than usual: think to mix pastel colours with fruits and dried plants, with one element displaying a pop of colour. White roses, dried whole artichokes and pears or apples create an ideal, fresh and ‘minty’ look that will add flavour to any season. An all-white arrangement creates a soft and fresh look for your overall table setting. Add a few items from your pantry to the look of the arrangement to make it more homely such as white organic eggs and vanilla pods.” – Rial Visagie of Rialheim

The Big Bang collection by Rialheim from @home