If you’re renovating your kitchen and looking to create a functional and stylish space, take advice from the kitchen experts who share tips and tricks to creating the ultimate luxe kitchen.

Cutting Edge Kitchens

What are your favourite ways to create the ultimate luxe kitchen?

Sameera Shaik, director, Gourmet Kitchens: Luxury is about both beauty and quality. Don’t compromise on the quality of your materials, surfaces, lighting, appliances etc. Try to incorporate something that is unique in your kitchen that reflects your design personality, whether it is a crystal chandelier or natural stone counters.

Erin Braithwaite, project manager, FABRI: The most effective way to create a luxe kitchen is to design a space that transcends the traditional concept of cabinetry and becomes a focal point in the home. This can be achieved with a clever combination of colours and luxurious finishes, such as striking matte anthracite doors with veined sintered porcelain countertops.

Mark Tuckett, factory and sales manager, Cutting Edge Kitchens: Each kitchen design has its own unique layout with one common goal – to make it user-friendly. It is very important to have a kitchen that blends in with the rest of your house. It is important to create a space that is both easy on the eye, not too busy and also blends in with your home’s décor scheme.

Gourmet Kitchens

What does every luxe kitchen need to have?

SS: My favourite luxury must-have is a walk-in pantry. It is to a kitchen what a walk-in closet is to a luxury bedroom. Your pantry should be big enough to stand in and you should be able to see all your groceries at a glance. Customised storage and shelving is a must.

EB: Luxe kitchens should have a high level of customisation specific to the home owner’s needs, to give them the ultimate luxurious user experience. For example, a home owner might want the mess in the kitchen to be concealed when entertaining, which can be achieved with foldaway doors. Another element that is sure to create a luxe feeling in the kitchen is the use of integrated appliances, with innovations such as touch-to-open ovens and wine coolers elevating the aspect of elegance in a kitchen.

MT: Every luxe kitchen needs to have quartz countertops and cupboards with soft close inserts for ease of use. The finishes are key to creating your luxe kitchen as this is what you see first. The look is very important so we concentrate on the external finishes such as undermount sinks and handless wall units.


What is currently your favourite kitchen style?

SS: Modern to contemporary using a variety of textures and depths.

EB: FABRI’s South African clients are looking for the contemporary style. Home owners are looking for elegance and sophistication that will last and contribute to the overall aesthetic of their home. A contemporary kitchen with personalised design details is a sure way to achieve this when combined with the contemporary architecture we are seeing in South Africa today.

MT: It would have to be modern. I love an acrylic, high-gloss kitchen with a quartz splashback, printed glass splashback on a feature wall and LED downlights to accentuate and bring out the shine in your quartz countertops.