The colour scheme you select for the different areas in your home will directly impact on the way you feel and interact in the spaces. A few colour experts share their advice on what you need to consider when choosing paint colours and wallpaper designs.


Lighting in a room has a significant impact on colour choices. Herman Rabe, technical training manager at Prominent Paints – South Africa, says the lighter the room the warmer or darker the colour selection should be while the darker the room, with a lack of natural light, the lighter and softer the colour selection should be.

“The reflection of light will also influence the overall appearance of the colour selection. For this reason, it’s advisable to paint a 1m x 1m sample on the wall and to live with it for a few days before committing to a specific colour.”

Prominent Paints

The different elements in the room

Perhaps the most practical tip for deciding on colour is to consider how the paint will work with the permanent fixtures in the room. Rabe says this includes the flooring, rugs, artwork, window frames, fabrics and furnishings: “You can’t go wrong if you select a colour that works well with these elements.”

Prominent Paints


In each part of your house, you’ll want to feel something different and this will require different palettes. Cara Saven, owner of Cara Saven Wall Design, recommends you consider the fact that different colours evoke different moods as a starting point.

“For bedrooms you may wish to choose colours you find soothing; for public areas something more neutral and for guest loos you may want to go with something that reflects your personality when your friends are around.” Climate is also an important consideration and you may want to go for cooler colours in hotter regions and vice versa.

Cara Saven Wall Design


In the past home décor was meant to outlive the home owner, but today our homes reflect our personality and people tend to redecorate more frequently using colour accents and paint to achieve a totally different look for a small outlay. Lani Carstens, Rust-Oleum’s marketing manager, says you shouldn’t be scared to be bold and experiment – your paint choice today is not forever and is easily changeable.

Three extra tips from Lani Carstens to create the perfect colour palette

Look at the clock: Consider what time of day your space will get the most use. Soft, energising colours work well for areas where you’ll start the day; gentle colours will relax you at the end of the day.

Check natural lighting: The amount of natural light in your space impacts the way colours appear. Whether that light is direct or indirect also affects your scheme. Keep in mind it will change seasonally and lighting varies at different times of the day.

Aim for variety: Look at the colours in nearby spaces, including adjacent rooms and patios. Use colour to give each space a unique feel.