Having been in the manufacturing industry for over 35 years, Bathroom Butler have talked to a lot of clients over the years and have successfully solved many popular misconceptions. Here, Bathroom Butler address some of the most common myths about heated towel rails.

Myth: “Heated towel rails do not really work.”

Know its purpose. Many people mistakenly believe that heated towel rails will either heat their bathroom or heat their towels. Unlike their European counterparts, Bathroom Butler heated towels rails are specially designed to dry towels which means they boast significantly lower wattages. This also means they are inexpensive to run and keep towels fresher between washes, with up to 90% less bacteria compared to a normal air-dried towel.

Myth: “I don’t need a heated towel rail in warm weather.”

The main purpose of a heated towel rail is in fact to dry your towel and not to warm it. While it will add some warmth, it was designed to eliminate mustiness, dampness and foul odour that occur when towels don’t dry properly after they are used. And with the built-in temperature controls, homeowners can turn the heat up during winter or turn it down during the summer.

Myth: “The towel rail doesn’t dry my towel effectively.”

Fold your towels. A common misconception is that towels should be opened-up and draped over a heated towel rail. While this is true for a non-heated rail, it is totally incorrect for a heated one. You should fold your towel twice creating four layers and then hang on the horizontal heated bars. By doing this the heat is trapped under the towel, instead of escaping into the surrounding air.

Myth: “The heated towel rail takes forever to heat up.”

Bathroom Butler use advanced heating technology which means they heat up within 10 -15 minutes of being switched on.

Myth: “I never remember to switch on my heated towel rail before I shower”

Bathroom Butler heated towel rails are designed with a built-in digital timer, which means you can program your rail to switch on and off automatically. Alternatively, you can leave it on permanently, it will only use the equivalent of two light bulbs of electricity at the most, depending on the size.  

If you are looking for an energy efficient means of ensuring deliciously dry and hygienic towels whenever you need them, then look no further. Bathroom Butler’s range of high-end heated towel rails is all that and more.

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