If you have made the choice to work from home, you need a space within your house that you can work from, and that has a level of professionalism – but without the formality that comes from working in an office. With these few simple steps, you can create the perfect home office.

Finding space

If you are not lucky enough to have a study or a spare room in your home to convert into an office, then you need to find a space that you can use. Make sure that it is a room that has few distractions and that gets enough fresh air. Avoid rooms that have a lot of traffic, like the lounge, and rather opt for an area – perhaps in your bedroom or dining room – where you can carve out some space for your office.

Choosing furniture

Make sure have a desk that is large enough to suit your needs, as well as a chair that is comfortable. An adjustable ergonomic office chair is best because it can be adjusted to a level that is comfortable for your specific desk, and it will also support your body.


The colour you choose to paint your home office is very important, as it will help your productivity. If you are using a space in your home that is already painted, you can paint the specific section in which you will be working, in a colour that will differentiate it from the rest of the room. Great colours for your home office include blue, which is said to improve productivity; yellow to inspire creativity; and green to provide you with balance.


Decorating your home office is the perfect way to bring some character into the space. You don’t want to put anything there that will distract you from doing your work or that will get in the way of working effectively. Great objects to use in this area include a small plant, a few photographs or a painting, or even some memoirs from your favourite holidays.