As a place to store items you use regularly, the bedside table is an essential component of any bedroom. We bring you a selection of showstoppers.

Functional style

“Your bedroom displays your most personal and intimate side. Your bedside table should be a functional and stylish addition to your space, keeping your night-time essentials close by while adding to the overall ambience of your bedroom. Our Muskat beside table is an unobtrusive, beautifully handcrafted piece of art. A compact and unique item to enhance your bedroom.” – Karin Cawthorne, owner of KARE South Africa


Storage is key

“Our Self Help side table has a mezzanine layer to store personal items. My advice is to style the top with items you might need in the middle of the night. Make them look good in the day, and useful at night.” – Joe Paine, owner of Joe Paine

Joe Paine

Consider your style

“For a feminine bedroom look, feature a beautiful table lamp, fragrant decorative candles and some soft flowers in a vase on your bedside table.”

“To achieve a more rustic bedroom look, lean a small framed art piece on your bedside table and against the wall behind your table lamp. Use a contemporary utility lamp, and add a decorative box to safe keep your watch and jewellery. If there is enough space you can always add some greenery to brighten up your space.” – Suné Fick, senior buyer for @home


Add a visual statement

“Bedside tables are the perfect opportunity to add a visual statement to your bedroom to express your style. They can double up as pieces of functional art which you get to use and enjoy every day. Carving, inlay and colour help to enhance the look, make a bold statement and create a talking point.”

“Bring the opulence and luxurious charm of old India into your bedroom with the Maharajah Inlay bedside table. Delicate hand-carved pieces of bone have been individually and carefully inlaid onto the wood, in an elaborate and exotic floral pattern. We source these pieces directly from the artisans in the magical region of Rajasthan, India. Each piece has been handcrafted in a process that can take weeks, creating a timeless piece.” – Tanya Kann, owner of Pilgrimage Spaces

Pilgrimage Spaces

All about the ambience

“Ambience is key, so a bedside lamp is a must. I usually pair my lamp with a beautiful tray or bowl to hold jewellery and also a scented candle to set the mood before drifting off to sleep. The Blaise side table, made using upcycled marble and solid oak, will certainly add to the overall ambience in the room.” – Fazlin Hoosain, interior and furniture designer and owner of Collectic


Work with colour and shapes

“A vital tip for styling your bedside table is to create a cohesive feel by selecting décor items within the same colour range of the room. This works in creating a less cluttered look. Play around with shapes and texture to add interest, like adding some pretty florals in an interesting vase for a pop of colour. The Moda side table adds glamour and style to any bedroom.” – Fazlin Hoosain, interior and furniture designer and owner of Collectic


Less is more

“We like to keep things unfussy and always style a bedside table using an odd number of items. As a step stool, the Lightfoot stool is an alternative bedside table – a minimalistic Scandinavian dream come true.” – Alexandra Jadrijevich, co-owner of Coal Interiors

Coal Interiors