For some home owners it is the underfoot comfort that rugs provide, for others it is the visual relief of the “missing element”, which is usually a rug. Rugs have so much to offer a space, be it in your kitchen, passageway, living room or bedroom. Add a pop of colour and create distinct zones in the house with the help of area rugs. Here’s our latest round-up of beautiful rugs with top tips from experts to consider when buying one:

Loryn van de Wouw of Lund Rug Gallery:

Placement in key. It’s vital to determine where the rug is going to be placed and if the space receives high or low traffic. For high-traffic zones like entrances or living rooms, look for rugs constructed predominantly from wool or a wool and silk blend. As a natural fibre, wool is hardy and resilient to foot traffic and responds well to frequent cleaning. For areas with low traffic like bedrooms, you could opt for silk or viscose blends. While they may not be as robust as wool, silk rugs provide a luxurious look and feel that is ideal for more private spaces.

Lund Rug Gallery

Charles Gonsenhauser of Gonsenhausers Fine Rugs:

There are various considerations when choosing a rug, however selecting the correct size rug is probably the most important. For living rooms the rug defines the social or interaction area so should be large enough to allow at least the front legs of all furniture pieces to rest on it. In bedrooms the rug should extend beyond the perimeter of the bed so that your feet feel the rug when you get out of bed.

Gonsenhausers Fine Rug

Coenraad Kotze of Mae Artisan Rugs:

Colour is the natural starting point when choosing a rug. Consider what colours you like and what colours you would like to live with every day. The colour of your rug will set the tone for the entire room, so it’s a very important decision. A rug with neutral tones or a single colour is often best for rooms with a lot of colour and pattern. If you are planning to decorate your room around the rug, consider how the rug colours will complement the flooring, walls and ceiling. A rug can either blend in or stand out, so think about the effect you want to create.

Mae Artisan Rugs

Nikki Tyack of Esque:

Choose your texture. Texture will add warmth and depth to your space. For a more rustic layered feel go for chunky weaves or thick cut piles. For a more modern look, opt for fine weaves and a uniform texture.


Cara Harmse of Hertex:

Use a colourful or patterned rug to liven up a space and create a statement.


Belinda Michaeli of Soho Rugs:

Choose a carpet that complements either your colour scheme or décor style.

Soho Rugs