Looking for spice storage ideas? You’re going to love these 10 clever products.

1. The right angle

The angled, overlapping compartments of the compact, space-savvy Joseph Joseph spice jar organiser fits neatly in a drawer. It saves space and makes finding spices easier. Visit www.home.co.za.

Joseph Joseph spice jar organiser

2. Round about

The Peru spice set, available from @home, features a handy Lazy Susan-style rotating rack for ultimate convenience. Plus it’s filled with your favourite herbs and spices. Visit www.home.co.za.

Peru spice set

3. Hide and seek

For something down to earth, look no further than the Joie de Vivre Handy Box by the Laid Back Company. The weathered-oak grocery cupboard organiser is ideal for keeping your herbs and spices neat and tidy. Visit www.laidbackco.co.za

TIP: Lock in those exotic aromas by storing herbs and spices in a dry, dark spot away from heat.

Joie de Vivre Handy Box

4. Rustic redo

Nothing beats the convenience of a well-designed spice rack. This wooden and powder-coated metal spice rack with paper towel holder attachment will add a touch of old-school cool to your kitchen. Find it at www.mrphome.com.

Wooden and powder-coated metal spice rack

5. Twice as nice

Flavour your food perfectly with the two-tiered spice rack from Home Essentials. The electro-polished stainless steel design holds up to 12 bottles. Plus it attaches to the wall for easy access. Find it at www.yuppiechef.com.

TIP: Always store your spices away from any direct heat source, such as the stove top or dishwasher.

Home Essentials spice rack

6. Rub it in

Garlic is neither herb nor spice. But a clove or two is known to add dimension to aromatic food. With this sleek garlic keeper by Jamie Oliver you’ll always have fresh bulbs at arm’s reach. Find it at www.yuppiechef.com.

Jamie Oliver garlic keeper

7. Well preserved

Spanish smoked paprika is known for its robust flavours. One of the best ways to preserve its slightly smoky taste is by storing it in an airtight tin cannister. Give this back-to-basics approach a bash with La Dalia sweet smoked Spanish paprika, neatly packaged in this vintage tin. Visit www.culinary.co.za.

La Dalia Spanish smoked paprika

8. Curry on

Although curry aficionados won’t share their recipes, they will let you in on one trade secret. To maximise curry’s shelf life and flavour, store in an airtight container. Serious Cook glass jar with airtight lid, available from www.woolworths.co.za . CONSOL Jar in a Jar, available from www.yuppiechef.com.

Serious Cook glass jar with airtight lid

CONSOL Jar in a Jar

9. Practical magic

Kitchen alchemists will love this oh-so-chic small copper-effect jar. Ideal for showcasing your precious strands of saffron. Find it at www.woolworths.co.za.

Copper-effect jar

10. Let it roll

The Yamazaki Tower Slim kitchen storage cart gives new meaning to the term mobile convenience. Just wheel out your spice ensemble when cooking up a storm. Ideal for small kitchens, the sleek, slim design fits into tight spaces. Find it at www.superbalist.co.za.

Yamazaki Tower Slim kitchen storage cart