By Esther Moloi

The role of a party host can seem quite a daunting task, but with and our top tips you’ll be perfectly equipped to pull it off a dinner party without any hitches. 

1. Choose a theme that can be translated from the food through to the decor and music. A theme makes the party fun and exciting and will give you manageable parameters within which to work.

2. Think about what glassware, tableware and cutlery you will use, so that it all ties in with the theme. Always place the essentials in their correct positions, and avoid cluttering the table with items you wont use.

3. For the dinnerware, classic white is best. White dinnerware will serve as a blank canvas, bringing attention to the meal you serve. To add a bit of colour to the rest of the table, use bright coloured placemats that have interesting designs.

4. Fresh flowers always do the trick when it comes to livening up a table, but make sure your arrangements are low enough for guests to easily see each other and converse. Also, stick to hypoallergenic flowers that won’t trigger any allergies like roses, cacti, tulips, daffodils, geraniums and lillies.

5. Clean table linen is a must. Iron your tablecloth and napkins for a crisp, clean finish.

6. For an interactive experience, create a DIY cocktail bar where you provide all the ingredients and let your guests have fun putting them together. Put together a range of different glasses, such as click jars and old jam jars, to make the cocktails that more interesting.

7. Set the ambience and make your guests comfortable. Dim the lights, light a few unscented candles and stream some great background music throughout the evening.

8. The hosts’ mood always sets the tone. So be the life of the party, break the ice, introduce everyone to each other and ensure everyone feels a part of the party.

9. Always be prepared. Prepare a meal that you are confident in, this is not the time to try something new and complicated. Also, cook extra food and anticipate a few extra guests when setting up the table.

10. Prepare your bathroom. Stock it up with all the essentials that guests may need.