There are so many options when it comes to refreshing your bathroom, where do you begin? We’ve rounded up what is most popular when it comes to sanitary ware in 2015 to make the bathroom not just functional but aesthetically pleasing too.

Sanitary ware styles

“Basins and taps are two items which can be changed with relative ease and affordability to enhance the look of your bathroom,” says Shelley Galliver from Cobra. New developments for taps include sensors to turn water on and off and temperature controls. When it comes to basins, free-standing pillar styles and floating basins have been replacing the usual built-in vanities. Free-standing baths are also a popular choice at the moment.

They create a sense of luxury and come in a variety of styles from which to choose. Showers, too, have been transformed into indulgent spaces. Some now incorporate steam to offer a sauna-like experience, while others use shower heads for therapeutic qualities, from monsoon styles to multi-functional sprays.

Toilets are now streamlined, with wall-mounted units and concealed cisterns creating a clutter-free aesthetic.

Technological advances

And the bathroom hasn’t missed out on technological advances. Some of these innovations include installing entertainment systems for the bath, shower and even toilet, with concealed projector screens and built-in audio functions. From a design perspective, handles can be replaced with LED panels and settings for mood lighting introduced to set the tone for the bathing experience.

Eco-friendly designs

Most common, and perhaps most important, throughout these trends the focus on eco-friendly products. Water saving features include low-flow shower heads, recycling grey water and dual-flush cisterns. Other environmentally-conscious ideas being introduced are products made from sustainable materials and solar energy to heat water.