The experts at Pool Cover Pro reveal their favourite benefits of automatic pool covers.


Automatic swimming pool covers are also classified as an “isolation barrier”, which unlike other barriers such as fences and nets, isolate the pool water from the pool edge and surroundings. Automatic swimming pool covers are sealed on all four sides of the pool making it impossible for a child to gain access to the water.

For those times when your swimming pool is unattended, that is where safety devices become very important. You cannot possibly be in your backyard at all times to keep an eye on your swimming pool so something else has to go to work for you, keeping your swimming pool safe.


An automatic swimming pool cover will dramatically reduce your heating costs. It also helps to keep out dirt and debris from the pool, so the use of a filtration system, expense associated with the chemicals and overall operating costs decrease. A Pool Cover Pro cover minimises evaporation. As a result, you’ll find that you have a lower water bill since you won’t be constantly topping up the pool.

Ease of use

With just the flip of a switch, it is effortless to put an automatic pull cover in place and this helps to ensure that it is deployed whenever the pool is not in use. Manual safety covers require some time and effort to put in place, and human nature being what it is, there will be times when a pool that should be covered is not.


Safety can now be stylish; you do not have to compromise your design you and your designers worked so hard to fine tune to keep your loved ones safe. Our automatic pool covers – when open – are totally hidden, and when closed, seamlessly incorporate with the look and feel of your home.

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