Kitchen by Slavin and Company

Kitchen by Slavin and Company

Are you about to splash out on a brand new kitchen? We spoke to Brian Slavin, Owner of Slavin and Company, who shared with us his top kitchen renovation tips.

What would be the first step to renovating a kitchen, and what is the way forward from there?

Renovating creates an opportunity of re-examination rather than just replacement. The questions should be asked as to whether a wall could be moved or a window position be improved etc., obviously bearing in mind possible budget restraints. Expert opinion should be sought, preferably by a properly qualified kitchen designer or architect.

What are some of the limitations or challenges that can occur when renovating an old kitchen?

Structural solutions can often be more expensive than first realised, whether it be a steel supporting beam, or changing floor levels, and sometimes damp problems suddenly become visible for the first time on removal of old fittings.

What are your top 5 kitchen renovation tips?

1. Do your homework and ask yourself what you really want to achieve with a renovation whether it be extra space, storage, seating, separate scullery etc.

2. Get expert advice and opinion.

3. Understand a realistic budget, and try to avoid overcapitalising.

4. Do not underestimate the inconvenience of living with a renovation, and make sensible alternative arrangement where possible.

5. Endeavour to enjoy the experience and the ultimate pleasure it will bring for years to come.