For a residence that is just a few months old, this lavish dwelling proves that with a bit of time, patience and a taste for the finer things in life, anything is possible.

The home was decorated by the developers, who had a clear understanding of what they wanted in this home – a unique dwelling that combines the latest trends in home automation and a simplistic yet sophisticated approach to country living. What they achieved is a home that fulfilled all of these and more, and a home that is ideal for the modern South African family that loves the outdoors.

The design of the home is truly South African, inspired by the beauty of raw and aesthetically impressive building materials available locally. “The spacious rooms with high exposed rafters are a key element to this style of living, and the living areas of the home embrace the concept of opulence in a relaxed style with huge louvre doors opening up from the terrace onto a wooden sun deck surrounding the elongated pool,” notes Guy Henley of Out of Africa Developments. For those home owners who love entertaining guests, the two-storey house also boasts a sophisticated entertainment area, where a secluded formal lounge adjoins the outside entertainment area. “The large wooden stacking doors can open for the summer lifestyle that most South Africans enjoy, or be closed with a gas fireplace inside for those colder winter evenings,” adds Guy.

The home is designed with a fully automated lighting system and state of the art electronics, which were supplied and installed by the Thornton Group, a leader in home automation. The company cleverly installed a current measurement unit to enable the management of load shedding and energy usage, and a wiser unit to allow remote control from an iPad and iPhone. These installations played a vital part in the house being one of the impressive runners up for “Best use of Technology”, awarded by Century Property Developments.

“With electricity costs soaring, a good automation system with powerful energy-saving characteristics is becoming more of a necessity than just a nice to have; intelligent motion sensors were used extensively throughout the installation to turn lights on and off depending on the surrounding lux (luminous flux) levels,” adds Guy. The home has been programmed to run all scheduled events automatically, such as turning the exterior lights on, or even turning on the underfloor heating in the bedroom before one gets out of bed in the morning.

Control of the automation system in the house is done by either the fixed colour touch-screen in the living area, or via iPad, iPod Touch or any android tablet. Furthermore, a current meter was installed to read the amount of current the house is using. This information is displayed in real time on the iPad interface for the end user to see

The house also has water-based underfloor heating which is gas reticulated, offering the home owners a further saving on electricity while being kind to the environment.

The end result of this home is both artistic in its appeal while remaining functional for those who will live in it, this particular home the principle of luxury can be seen from the onset, even in the smallest details including the bathroom which was brought to life by Womag, with its mesmerizing views and attention to details this home will be a place where dreams and aspirations come to life for years to come.

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