By Justine Olivier, Project Consultant Monique Rankine, Property Co-ordinator Chantel Spence, Photography Karl Rogers

Building a home within an exclusive estate provides residents with a lifestyle where style and elegance are defined; and where peace of mind and security, amongst many other impressive amenities, are offered. Undoubtedly, having a home constructed on a prestigious golf estate also offers breathtaking views as an added bonus, including a plethora of birdlife.

This particular estate features a spa and wellness centre, stables and paddocks, clubhouse and golf course, as well as an informal Village Green family centre. What makes this estate so intriguing, aside from the many amenities it offers, is that it boasts some of the lowest density housing in the country – with an average of one home to every two hectares of land – which means that each stand is separated by at least half an acre of natural vegetation ensuring space and privacy.

“The site presented a unique challenge due to its close proximity to the clubhouse,” says Ronnie Russell, of RCP Property Development and Construction. “Being slightly elevated and facing a westerly direction from the clubhouse, there was concern that the roofscape and chimneys would break the horizon and spoil the spectacular sunset views from the clubhouse terrace.” This challenge was ingeniously overcome by lowering the house as far as what was practically possible, into the landscape.

What makes this home such a unique and ideal fit for the estate is that it is not only a representation of the residents, but is also a reflection of tranquil yet contemporary design. “When I design a home I design spaces around the feelings that a room evokes. Each room engages a view, with each opening or closing for privacy. The rooms are designed around how people use space and how the furniture and art fits,” explains Lisa Tolkin, of Lisa Tolkin Architects.

The front door opens into a courtyard with all rooms opening up onto the colonnade. “This space is filled with indigenous trees and the sound of water,” she adds. Each element, design and decor piece works in synergy, creating a seamless flow of serenity throughout the home.

The house revolves around three simple yet practical principles: simplicity, transparency and maximising the phenomenal views. Keeping this as the predominant theme, Lisa incorporated the use of sliding folding glass doors and frameless glass railings, allowing for transparency. “The internal timber doors echo the timber floors but are stained a deeper shade of smoke, while the colours are natural and blend into one another – the perfect stage for the dramatic pieces of art and furniture which were supplied by Lynne Grant, of Take It For Granted Antiques,” she says.

Natural hues were used throughout the home, enhancing the visual dimension of each space, while emphasising the breathtaking scenery. The combination of this palette, along with the large windows and glass doors, gives each space a fresh and clean appearance, creating a magnetic charm throughout the interior.

Working hand in hand, Lisa and Lynne ensure that the interior decor enhanced the architecture and vice versa, creating a home that is not only visually pleasing but one that exudes a charming and relaxed ambience.

With a formal lounge, kids’ lounge, wine cellar, home theatre and study, the house caters for the unique tastes and personalities of the residing family. The kitchen is open-plan in design, opening up towards the living room, with an option of closing off for privacy. The specific hardscaping used throughout the garden, along with the specifically selected foliage ensures a complementary and contemporary design to the stylish abode. The pool, complete with the Save T-3 automatic pool cover system, and deck, exude the same elegance and style as the exterior of the home in keeping with the three principles.

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