By Caroline Dott, Project Consultant Debbie Grey, Property Coordinator Wadoeda Brenner, Photography Fiona Barclay-Smith

Relocating to South Africa had been a long-time dream for this Belgian couple. When they finally made the move, not a single facet in the construction of their dream home was left out or compromised.

Their keen eye for detail played a vital role during the planning and construction phases, ending in a completed project that was all that they had wanted, and more.

The brief was to create something along the lines of a traditional Cape farm-style home – which would often comprise an original homestead, surrounded by a cluster of outbuildings. The home owners did not want their brand-new construction to look brand new, so materials and finishes, where possible, stayed true to the building’s style. Even scale and proportion were customised to match those of the traditional architectural style in which the home was built.

Thatch, whitewashed plaster walls and wooden window fittings add to the authenticity of this special home, which fits in perfectly with the surrounding acres of valley and wineland.

A majestic entrance waits to welcome guests onto the extensive patio, which overlooks the stately garden and swimming pool. The decor finds its inspiration in many of the couple’s past home and travel destinations. There is engineered wooden flooring throughout, and a considered allowance for a sense of adventure in the interiors – each room has its own distinctive style and feeling.

The large kitchen is open-plan, with a central island and dining table. The adjacent bar is contemporary, while the living area has an African theme that is accentuated with artworks and collected decorative pieces.

The bedroom belonging to the youngest member of the family is a loft-style wonderland, while the master bedroom speaks to a more Scandinavian decor style, and has an adjacent closet-walkway and exquisite bathroom. From this side of the house, the home-owners enjoy beautiful views of the natural surrounds.