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When asked what they think of the knitted throw, most people immediately visualise a strangely coloured beast whipped up by gran and made from fibres that poke unpleasantly at their skin. Uncomfortable, ugly and the last thing to put in any room of the home, the knitted blanket has long been considered something that went out with the Dark Ages. In fact, just like the crocheted toilet roll cover, the knitted throw fell down the rabbit hole of aesthetic horror.

Until now.

Today, a knitted blanket is the Must Have of interior design. The colours, sizes, styles and fibres are vastly different from the ones haunted the knitted blankets of the past. Today, partly thanks to the Danish concept of hygge – embracing a feeling or moment, finding the ordinary cosy, charming and special – the knitted is a stylish essential. And it taps into two of the biggest trends today – style and mindfulness.

“The knitted throw is everywhere right now,” says Abilene Brode, Interior Designer, Moraka Interiors. “Every magazine and all over Instagram. I love the idea and recently purchased one in Rosebank that looks absolutely stunning in the room of a home I did in Cape Town.”

The large oversized knit that Brodie introduced to the teenager’s bedroom not only added impact, but a shabby chic look that gave the room an unusual edge. The thickness of the yarn and the size of the throw make the room look cosy and calm.

Of course, another factor to consider is the colouring. Not any colour choice fits the trend. Soft and neutral or light pinks are the absolutely right choice for a knitted throw. Darker colours can suit some spaces, like a study or spare bedroom, but bold and bright colours come too close to the edge of the old coloured throw.

“Light pink is very popular right now and it is really easy to find accessories that work well with this colour,” adds Brodie.

Soft, inviting, chunky and cosy. The knitted blanket has stepped up its game. It is also, a mentioned earlier, part of the mindfulness trend where people invest in activities and hobbies that help them gain a sense of peace and calm. Many of the knitted blankets that dominate at the moment are giant chunky weaves that can be knitted using nothing more than yarn and a pair of arms. Anyone can create their own textured, oversized and stylish blanket to throw over the bed in anticipation of chilly winter nights. There’s no need to wait for the perfect throw, just make one.