Tiling an entire space with a single pattern or colour, regardless of size, could limit the overall appeal and character of your home. So a hybrid solution may be something to consider. Decobella shares different ways to put together tile combos, and the visual benefits.

Hexagon tiles on floors/subway tiles on walls

Using the humble metro subway tile as a complement to the hexagon floor tile creates a gorgeous contrast in shape, texture, finish and colour. Furthermore, the hexagons are used as raised skirting, creating a seamless wraparound flowing into the vertical subway stacks.

Heritage wine 17.5x20cm

Patterned tiles on floors/small décor tiles on walls

Tile patterns on the floor with small décor tiles on the wall have always been popular. In this kitchen, the gloss texture and colour are perfectly paired with the colour of the kitchen cabinets, which has a contrast in texture but is identical in hue. The focus in these rooms is on subtlety and neutrality.

From left to right: La Riviera 6.5x200cm, Manacor Glacier 10x10cm
From top to bottom: Riviera Gris subway 6.5x12cm & Manacor Ocean Blue 10x10cm

Matt and gloss subway tiles

As opposed to a feature wall with only one finish, matt and gloss subway tiles create a different look and feel. Using this technique is excellent when your colour palette is limited or when colour is the only option you have. Design elements such as contrast and unity can be achieved using matt and gloss. An ideal example of unity in design is to mix matt and gloss variations in the same hue, creating a harmonious flow in the room.

SoHo NoHo black 6.5x25cm

Same tile, different colours

Using the same tile in different colours on the same or adjacent walls is a great way to add interest to a space. In this bathroom, a contrasting green separates the en suite bathroom and flows harmoniously through to the black Nero tiles in the bathroom.

Romo Subway Alga gloss 7.5 x30cm and Romo Subway Nero Gloss 7.5x30cm

Same collection, different colours and textures

The Amazonia porcelain tile collection consists of four colour schemes, each including sub-colour schemes or textures. Amazonia Terracotta Plain has been combined with Amazonia Terracotta Tropic in this space. This combination was used as a focal point, alongside Amazonia Off-White, to make the room even more inviting.

Amazonia Cotto Tropic + Plain 13.8×13.8cm
From left to right: Amazonia Off-white 13.8×13.8cm and Amazonia Tropic Cotto 13.8×13.7cm

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