The guest loo is usually the smallest room in the home, and, as such, it’s the perfect place for indulging in a palette of daring colour and design. To make your guests feel comfortable and cared for, spoil them with luxury, cleanliness and an ample stock of hygiene essentials.


It’s easier in a small space, in terms of budget, to splurge on luxuries such as:

• Deluxe hand wash and hand cream: If dispensing, use containers that are not transparent, as it cheapens the look of the guest toilet to see that a product has been used.
• Thick, freshly laundered towels: Small hand towels rolled up and stacked on a tray, with a bin for used towels, are more hygienic than a standard communal towel on a rack.
• A rug: A lovingly worn Persian rug looks attractive, and does well to add warmth, texture and interest.
• A stylish vanity: A Victorian or Edwardian vanity with a beautiful marble top provides both luxury and character to an otherwise sleek and utilitarian space.
• Art: Artwork is not wasted in a toilet! Fab art is totally unexpected, so it offers a fun surprise and entertainment.


Guest toilets, being small and intimate, can accommodate a daring palette. To achieve drama, introduce some of these elements:

• Dark colours: Black bathrooms with marble vanities and extensive mirroring produce a dramatic effect.
• Busy wallpaper: Intricately patterned wallpapers, such as a busy toile, reduce the risk of repetitive design boredom.
• Lights: An overscale pendant light fixture makes the space feel decorated, and more like a room in the house than just a utilitarian space.


Simplicity in design achieves a calm and clean effect. For this look, think about:

• A wall-mounted toilet and sink: These are clean and bright, and save on space.
• A wall-mounted organiser: It keeps items neat and off the floor, and does away with a mess of baskets and magazine racks, to achieve a look of uncluttered cohesion.
• Wall-to-wall shelves behind the toilet: These can contain all of the essentials and make the room look decorated. Think toilet paper and hand towels piled into wire baskets, clustered with a vase, candles and small artwork. Reclaimed wood shelves add texture and look great.


Without functionality, all of the niceties of luxury, drama and clever design fall flat. Must-haves in a guest loo include a supply of toilet paper, tissues, hand towels, hand wash and cream, window coverings for privacy, a mirror and good lighting.