Ultra violet, selected by the Pantone Color Institute as its colour of the year, is a reflection of the times we are living in; a time which, according to the institute’s executive director Leatrice Eiseman, “calls for inventiveness and imagination”. Ultra violet answers this call by appealing to our creativity, inspired as it is by music and art.

Here’s how to incorporate this stunning shade in your home.

• Update your textiles to reflect opulence, advises Megan Morgan, furniture buyer at Coricraft: velvet and other plush fabrics are a particularly good match for ultra violet.
• Visually striking though ultra violet may be, you’re not restricted to “big” looks, says Margarita Tsangaris of Skedia Spaces. “If you wanted to go truly bold, you could paint an entire room and use the shade for furniture and accessories. But if you prefer a more subtle look, use it for accessories like scatters and rugs, or an accent wall in a softer hue.” She gives some examples: a pot plant (which references the indoor botanicals trend) flowering in ultra violet (orchids are a good bet); scatters that liven up a neutral space; an occasional chair to bring in a spot of colour; floral fabrics incorporating ultra violet; or repainting a brass door handle in ultra violet.
• Ultra violet mixes well with the metallics that continue to dominate the decor scene, especially copper and bronze. Alternatively, you can soften its look by blending with lilac, pink or blue.
• Tsangaris says the colour is equally at home in a classical or contemporary setting. “Embrace it as a moody theme, or use it in an all-white interior, as a splash of colour.”
• Morgan notes that the ultra violet influence will encourage other shades of purple to creep into interiors, so don’t shy away from these.
• Be warned: it’s easy to overdo this shade. Too much, and instead of sophisticated and glamorous, your room could look kitsch and overbearing.

Images: Pantone, Featured image: iStock