A beautiful bathroom is not only an inviting space where you can relax and rejuvenate; it can also increase your home’s value considerably. Here’s what you need to know about updating this room.

Bathroom Butler

• Say goodbye to looks that no longer work. According to Johnny Lamprecht of Bathroom Bizarre, these include coloured porcelain, wood panelling, mauve decor, tube lighting, countertops in less than mint condition, and gold-plated taps.

• Embrace the new. Latest trends include a return to organic materials like wood and stone; dark, moody tones; an obsession with metal, marble and geometric patterns; water-saving technology; and smart storage, informs Roca’s Kyle Turner. He notes that there’s a new spotlight on showers – while in the past luxurious bath tubs may have been the hero feature of the room, all aspects of the shower (from taps to walls, floors and showerheads) are now the focus.

• Rethink tiling. Floor-to-ceiling tiles can be dated, warns Andrew Taylor of Bathroom Butler. He recommends tiling only the areas that come into contact with water, such as the shower, behind the vanity and around the bath. Mix and match contrasting materials to create a contemporary look.

• Focus on durability. The bathroom is particularly exposed to wear and tear, so choose long-lasting fittings that will last at least five to eight years. This goes for your fittings, too – an investment in upper-end products can have a real impact on the look of the bathroom, as well as the home’s overall value.

• Don’t overcapitalise. It’s a good idea to have your home valued by a realtor before you embark on your upgrade, Taylor advises. This ensures you don’t invest too much, ending up with a home that’s overpriced for your area.

• Go with an expert. A bathroom specialist takes a holistic view of the room, from traffic to plumbing – things you simply can’t get right if you go the DIY route, warns Turner.

• Consider the pipework. Don’t ignore old pipework (you don’t want to have to fork out for things like burst pipes later on), but remember that reformatting plumbing and laying new pipes will add considerably to the final bill.

• Consider the essentials. Lamprecht observes that when it comes to redesigning the space, you need to give careful thought to factors like drainage, ventilation, plumbing and space planning.