By Justine Olivier, Project Consultant Monigue Lombard, Photography Nic Baleta

The home owner, who studied design, followed the British trend of flower fabrics and antique collections, which complement the style of the abode, and enhance the magnetic appeal of the structure itself.

The eclectic country design, with striking semi-formal rich vibrant palette of hues, creates a tantalising, eye pleasing masterpiece. This pristine amalgamation of the interior with the architectural style leaves one with the feeling of inner peace and harmony as one steps further into the home.

While the bedrooms boast an impressive design and carefully selected ornaments and decorations, the bathrooms are magnificent in themselves. As with most homes, special emphasis is placed upon this particular room, as it is often a place where one gets away from the busyness of life to find relaxation and serenity. The spaciousness of the main bathroom and thoughtful delicate artwork and decor bring the room to life.

Location was of the utmost importance: the residents felt their choice of location was ideal as it reflected the safe family life and secure environment in which they always envisioned living. The home owner wanted to create the true definition of a home for his five year old child: an environment offering affection and security. Succeeding in this, the abode sparkles with warmth, life, love and brims with hope.

WROUGHT IRON AND INTERIOR STUDIO (012 993 1111)  rought Iron and Interior Studio manufactured a freestanding garden gazebo for the abode. It can be conveniently moved to any spot in the garden, and adds an opulent feel to any outdoor living space. The company, renowned for its vision, dedication and excellence, delivers quality interior decorating services within its clients’ budget and schedule.DESIGNING ELEGANCE (082 920 6241)Designing Elegance splendidly decked the house with opulent furnishings. Specialising in the manufacture of curtains, and all associated hardware, the company also provides artists to spruce up and enhance any home, as well as offering project management services, and interior decorating.