With Spring here, the season brings new beginnings and there’s nothing more exciting than refreshing your home by adding a new element. Feature walls are a simple and effective way to do just that. We look at three ways you can achieve this dramatic aesthetic:

Wallpaper: Working wonders

Shara Mordt of Fabric Bank, a specialist in digital printing for textile designs, shares three tips on effectively working with patterned wallpaper:

1. Take the wall proportions into consideration when deciding on the print/pattern for your feature wall. It’s important to get the scale correct for the overall look and feel you are wanting to achieve in the space. Go for a bold and dramatic or a busier repeat pattern to create more of a textured look.

2. Think of your wall space as a blank canvas for art. It can be a bit daunting to cover an entire wall in a busy print/pattern, but if you would consider hanging a framed artwork onto a specific wall, then that’s usually the wall that one would make the feature wall of the room.

3. Ensure your furniture layout works with the placement of your chosen feature wall. Create a focal point in a room with the use of a unique wallpaper print and position your furniture and other items strategically around this graphic wall.

Fabric Bank

Fabric Bank

Tiles: Striking the balance

Italtile’s Nicole Russell gives us a few guidelines on how to use tiles for a feature wall:

1. Creating a feature wall with tiles has never been easier. With the manufacturing and technology of today, tiles are created in varied colours, patterns, textures, finishes, cladding and 3D natural elements. The timeless patchwork is always a win and the tiles are supplied in varied sizes.Tiles also make budget sense, suiting the consumers’ budget needs either on an entry level or wallet bursting  basis.

2. With rectified tiles, the tiles are butt-joined, creating a seamless and elegant look – this is an amazing option to search for, if considering tiles.

3. Mosaics are always a biggie, which we adore – from faded elements to golds and metallics being a trending option – added to that Italtile sell glitter grouting which just adds that glamour to finish the feature wall. Waterjet cutting also allows one to create a pattern with the same tile used throughout the room, introducing a minimalistic yet elegant finish to the room.



Greenwalls: Bring the outdoors in

An alternative that’s taking flight, green walls are making interiors so much more interesting and refreshing! Sasha Schafer, the interior and landscape designer of Faux Flora, gives us a few pointers on bringing the outdoors in effectively:

1. The beauty of artificial greenwalls are that they have no limits as to where they can be attached. The artificial planting products at Faux Flora have a UV and fire protection coating that can withstand high heat and sunrays, making them perfect for both interiors and exteriors… there is no limit as to where these beautiful applications can be installed.

2. A word of advice: always paint your walls a dark grey to enhance the greenery even further. It adds depth and complements the greenery so wonderfully and effectively!

3. A style tip: dress your greenwall with a beautiful pot of real plants. All the varying shades of green will complement each other adding to the feature wall.

Faux Flora

Faux Flora