Best known for the bold designs adorning her bags, towels and accessories, Lou Harvey has recently released a range of wallpaper that recalls her love of nature and the exotic. She and other experts in décor and design share their insights for making wallpaper work.

Lou Harvey

What inspired the launch of the wallpaper range?

I’ve always had a passion for interiors; in fact, I studied interior design. I love that wallpaper is a quick and easy solution to beautifying your home and saw it as the perfect platform to use my designs on a bigger scale. After much experimenting, my dream finally became a reality.

What kind of look and feel characterises the collection? What has inspired these looks?

Inspiration for my designs is gathered from various sources, from my travels to destinations like Morocco to elements of nature.

What are the current trends in wallpaper?

Botanical is still a very current trend for 2018; great for adding a pop of colour or interest to a room. Geometry, pastel and monochrome are also hot. Monochrome is a simplistic approach to pared-down palettes, and allows you to create a stylish space that is both striking and unique, with a calming effect. Art-inspired wallpaper is also a new craze, using real artworks imposed into wallpaper.

Rebel Walls

Make your wallpaper work

• “Don’t limit yourself. Go big: so long as your wallpaper matches your furniture, it can turn any wall into a stunning feature wall,” says Frans Setshedi of Creative Tables Design and Décor. “Remember that floral wallpaper adds a vintage look, while geometric shapes and patterns can create the illusion of a bigger room.”
• Extravagance is a must this season, says Shaazia Rego of Magma Wallcovering. Technology has made it possible to play with exciting finishes like metallics. Combine these with the colours of the moment, like blues (especially cobalt) and blush pink.
• Don’t shy away from displaying art on your wallpaper feature wall. In fact, wallpaper shows off artwork far more effectively than a plain wall, according to Sally Chapman of the Chapman Collection.
• Remember that wallpaper is a long-term commitment. Lou Harvey says, “If you feel anxious about living with a bold print for a long time, rather opt for a more neutral wallcovering.”

Chapman Collection

Magma Wallcoverings