Holding picture: St Leger & Viney Sanderson Aegean Collection

Increase the luxe factor of any room with glamorous wallpaper. Today’s wallpaper comes in a huge variety of styles, textures and patterns, and is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to add colour and character to a room.

According to Gail Butler, managing director of Halogen International, homeowners can successfully introduce wallpaper into their living spaces by choosing accent walls within the spaces to paper in tones that complement or contrast with the existing furnishings.  It’s advisable to ensure that papers in different rooms have similar tones, to create a flow throughout the home.

Here are a few of our favourites…


  • Halogen International

    Go with a subtle and yet striking print with the Casadeco Yellowstone Collection, available from Halogen International.

  • Hertex

    The Linwood Fabric Sakura Collection is available at Hertex. Prints, weaves and wallpapers draw together images of soft cherry blossoms and folk stripes with block print motifs and tea stained trailing roses on soft, tumbled linen and velvet.

  • Hertex

    We love the Linwood Fabric Sporting Life Collection, available at Hertex. This collection encapsulates quintessential English pastimes and pursuits from a time before cricket helmets and ‘Hawkeye’; when men boxed with moustaches and their word was their bond.

  • Hertex

    Hertex’s Ivy League is a wallpaper collection that is both refined, masculine and evokes feelings of a bygone area of adventurers and explorers. It’s about where they went, how they got there and the pursuits they brought home.

  • St Leger & Viney

    The Sanderson Chika Collection, stocked at St Leger & Viney, can be grouped into colour stories, offering many decorating possibilities for all rooms of the house.

  • St Leger & Viney

    St Leger & Viney stocks the luxurious Larkhilll Collection by GP & J Baker. Elegant and distinctive, Larkhill wallpapers embrace the rich design heritage of GP & J Baker. This collection of decorative and individual papers encompasses opulent, classic damasks, exquisitely drawn florals and one of the most well known Baker designs, the beautiful botanical, ‘Ferns’.

  • Robin Sprong Wallpaper

    Robin Sprong Wallpaper is a surface design company that specialises in creating incredible imagery for interiors. Included in the company’s collection is the work of Ninjabreadboy. A long-time obsession with skateboarding inspires the graphic work of Ninjabreadboy. His line-based style of illustration reflects his passion for graffiti and tattooing and all visual aspects of the skateboarding sub-culture.

  • Sasi Wallpaper

    Sasi Wallpaper presents its newest collection of premium wall coverings; inspired by the twinkle of the night sky, bringing a sense of luxury and sophistication to the dining setting. From the extravagant Bijoux Hot Pink through to the sparkle of Dazzle Plum, this collection will create fabulous impressions, for a dining experience that will last well into the twilight night. Opening with sumptuous, deep pinks at the beginning of the story, flowing on to rich, luxurious purples and sophisticated yet dreamy creams and blacks, this collection cannot help but lend itself perfectly to the most intimate dining setting, creating a beautiful twilight world in which to impress your closest friends or that special loved one.

  • Fabcote Wallcoverings

    Fabcote Wallcoverings, established in 1985 by Oliver Back, has successfully perfected the art of transforming any fabric into a bespoke wall covering, sought after by architects, interior designers and corporate property developers around South Africa.

    Fabcote represents a group of internationally recognised manufacturers, Phillip Jeffries (USA), A S Création (Germany) and Fromental (U.K.) and continues to deliver the most beautifully designed and exclusive wall coverings, many of which will be on display at the 100% Design Exhibition, from the 6 – 10 August, Gallagher Estates in Midrand.