Victor Kirov is a 29-year-old Bulgarian-born stainless steel sculptor residing in Cape Town. Through his art, he aims to blur the dichotomy between man and nature, and to share his passion with the world.

My father, Rado Kirov, mastered the art of metal sculpture over many decades. His work captured my imagination, and I wanted to learn his craft and how to create such magnificent artefacts.

When I hear an accordion playing some Bulgarian folk music, it’s like music to my ears, for lack of a better simile.

The son of an artist and a mathematician, I was inspired to develop both my academic and creative skills.

In 2014, after working in IT for three years, I grew tired of sitting behind a computer all day. The opportunity to learn my father’s craft presented itself, and the rest, as they say, is history.

My engineering and science studies taught me to resolve problems using analysis and logic. My knowledge of electronics and programming has also equipped me to design custom-made equipment and machines I use in the fabrication process.

I am fascinated by patterns which occur in nature; something seemingly random and chaotic could have an underlying structure which can be perfectly modelled using mathematical equations.

My favourite piece would have to be the one called The Tail of Dorian Gray. This piece was inspired by a whale’s tail; it’s a reasonably simple, yet powerful, form.

My debut exhibition was at the Jan Royce Gallery on Church Street in Cape Town. My work has also been shown at S Art Gallery in Hout Bay and at the Equus Gallery at the Cavalli Wine Estate.

I enjoy living in the moment and experimenting with new ideas. Currently I am working towards incorporating electronics into my art, to create something kinetic or interactive.

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