What makes an interesting room? Is it important, as prolific architectural and interior designer John Saladino says, that “colour cannot be isolated and must only ever be seen in juxtaposition with other ones”? Or, in the words of American designer Michael Taylor, does the room need to “contain the element of contrast – in forms as well as in colours and textures”. I asked fellow colleagues for their opinions on the subject and the overwhelming consensus is that personality is key.

“The new trend is to give a room personality – using focal points around the room to emphasize the person who owns it. This provides a sense of space by minimising clutter and adds natural light, which enhances the depth of space.” Mari Sciarappa (Features Writer)

“A room that reflects its owner’s personality. This is done through art work, beautifully framed pictures, and objects from your travels.” Rami Moorosi (Features Writer)

“Lots of interesting fabrics, a splash of paint or wall art can really bring character to an ordinary room. I’m not a fan of ornaments. I think you should always stick to your basic furniture pieces, depending on what the room is, and make them statement pieces with a presence, rather than cluttering your room with unnecessary small items.” Hasmita Amtha (Features Writer & Stylist)

“A room can only be as interesting as the people in it….if you inject your personality into a room you are guaranteed to create a striking and interesting area. Whatever you are passionate about, try and bring some thing that is related to that passion into your room.” Trisha Harinath (Sub-Editor)

“To me, an “interesting room” holds little treasures of its inhabitants’ personalities: a touch of history – where they’ve been and what they’ve done; colours that reflect their inner strengths; textures that speak of their approach to life. An interesting room is not necessarily the traditional definition of “beautiful”, but rather beautiful in the story that it tells.”  Kerry Hayes (Managing Editor)