Landscapers are be able to prepare the site

Landscapers are able to source quality plants for youBy Rami Moorosi

A perfectly manicured and well-established garden is the ultimate complementary feature to any home. If you want the best for your outdoor environment it is definitely worth considering hiring the help of a professional as opposed to doing it yourself.

Five reasons to hire a landscaper

1.  A landscaper is able to produce legible, understandable and professional landscape plans.

2.  They are able to source quality plants and materials and the correct manner of placing vegetation.

3.  A professional will be able to prepare the site.

4.  A good landscaper has the expertise regarding what works aesthetically with the practical application.

5.  A landscaper will know how different elements will affect the layout of the garden for example swimming pools, relief walls, water features and gazebos.

How to choose the right landscaper

Find out if the landscaper of choice belongs to the South African Landscape Institute – this will ensure that you are receiving services from a reputable landscaper.

Reputation is important – look for experience, reliability and the ability to stay within an established budget.

Ask for references and proof of previous jobs.

Arrange a meeting to discuss all wants and concerns – this will give a feeling of whether or not you can work with the landscaper.

Would you hire a professional landscaper or would you rather design and maintain your garden? Leave a comment, we would love to hear from you.