Windows are more than just a way to let the outside in. With the latest styles and designs, the windows in your home can add to the aesthetics of your property.

Get more out of your windows

With the multitude of design options on the market, you can now use your windows to add a design feature that truly stands out. Cobus Lourens from Swartland points out just three ways that windows can now be used in the home: “You can turn your windows into doors by replacing a pair of boring double-pane windows with sliding doors or a pair of French doors and this will add vitality to any indoor space by letting in lots more natural light and opening up the space.”


A wall of windows

Lourens also recommends creating a wall of windows. “In keeping with the move towards transitional living spaces, a major trend is to replace entire walls with a curtain of windows or large window panels. A wall of windows adds height, light and that wow factor to any indoor space – letting in impressive views of nature. This not only looks good, but the high-end look and feel will also add great resale value to your home.”


It’s all about customisation

Lourens says there are a lot of places in the home that make for great feature installations and you can even consider “picture windows, which are a great addition to any landing or double-volume space. Bay windows are also very popular – they not only let in lots of added light, but they also create a sense of cosiness, making an otherwise uninteresting space very inviting”.


Add some art

Sandblasting windows gives you the opportunity to add a personal stamp throughout your home. According to Brighton Saungweme, the director of 4front Projects, there are many benefits that come with sandblasting your windows: “You can add designs to your windows without blocking the light, eliminate the use of curtains, the grey/silver finish of sandblasting goes with any colour scheme, and the vinyl used is durable but not permanent so this allows you to change it or remove it without causing any damage to your windows.”

He adds that sandblasting windows can also add a elegant finish to any space. “The amount of designs that can be printed or cut are only limited by your imagination.”

4front Projects

Always check with professionals

Although the design offerings are endless, if you are looking at doing something different with your windows, you should always seek professional advice. Gareth Gilks, the production director at CT Aluminium, says: “The systems available cater for an endless amount of design options, provided that the limitations of the systems are considered during the design phase. It happens often that at the time of production, we must tell clients that we are not able to produce certain products due to system limitations. In short, be as creative as your budget will allow but make sure that the product can not only be manufactured but will also perform as it is intended to do.”

CT Aluminium